Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My legs are already killing me from the steps at Nebi Samuel. Most of the explanation was on the roof. The view was stupendous, but...

Nebi Samuel steps

... the steps were horrendous.

I wasn't the eldest, nor the most "physically challenged" in the Matan tour. So, it wouldn't have looked good for me to refuse to go up. Also, unitl I started walking climbing, I hadn't a clue as to how bad it would be, nor how many steps. Of course, it didn't help that I had a notebook, pen and papers in one hand.

The steps were too small for my feet, but I managed to get up. By the time I realized how many steps there would be, too many people were behind me to back down. Yes, the view was amazing.

Looking at Nebi Samuel

Going down was a challenge. I have a phobia about going down steep whatevers. I did it sideways and holding onto both walls, since I was terrified that I'd tumble down and didn't want my toes to be over the edge of the steps. As I struggled down I kept apologizing to all behind me for holding them up.

When we finally made it down, somebody thanked me for slowing the pace.

If my legs are already aching, what will I feel like tomorrow?


Leora said...

It does look like an amazing view. I hope you are giving your legs a rest today!

Batya said...

It was beautiful and you may find the pictures on Shiloh Musings worth looking at, too.
Today is just babysitting and minimal walking, but I feel those muscles when walking on stairs.

A Soldier's Mother said...

It is an incredibly special place, one of several in Israel that are so important to keep visiting...and yes, the stair are AWFUL, but somehow, putting in an elevator would definitely ruin the ambiance. Not something I could imagine doing every day...but certainly worth the time to visit...and if you do - you MUST climb. The view is beyond belief!

Batya said...

True, though railings on both sides all the way to the top would be safer.

Anonymous said...

Awsome view and the photo of the stairs is good too.

Batya said...

That's just a small section of the stairs. It just shows how I'm not in shape. Walking and steps don't use the same muscles.