Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Shloshim" Isn't Always 30

Shloshim is the Hebrew word for thirty, 30. It's also a concept in Jewish Law and Tradition. It's a stage in mourning. When a person dies, his/her children, parents, spouse and siblings are required to mourn.

Thirty days after burial, all but the niftar, dead person's children, are to cease mourning restrictions. The chidren must continue until eleven-twelve months.

If one of the Jewish Holidays occurs between the funeral and the thirty calendar days, then the shloshim restrictions cease, even if the funeral was barely hours before the Holiday, as was in the case of my neighbor, Yehudit.

That gave the family the freedom to choose whatever days they wished for the "unveiling" of the tombstone, a special memorial Shiur Nashim, Women's Torah Class and an evening to remember her, conducted by her daughters and daughter-in-law. Therefore, Thursday afternoon we were at the cemetery, Shabbat we heard the shiur, and last night almost all of the women living in Shiloh, plus Yehudit's family and friends gathered to remember.
Y'hi Zichra Baruch

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