Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Better Year in Israel Program

It really bothers me when I find these kids in Israel for a year who could be in New Jersey for all the Hebrew they learn and Israelis they meet. Granted, that some of it is a problem with their prior Jewish Education, which treats Hebrew as if it's Latin or some other dead language.

After three years of high school Spanish, I was fluent, but your typical graduate of the American Jewish Educational System of an average of fourteen years of study knows less Hebrew than I knew Spanish.

Last Shabbat the Yeshivat Shvilei Hatorah, Jerusalem, came to Shiloh, and my neighbors and I were impressed. Many of the students were perfectly comfortable in Hebrew. Hebrew is a required subject in their program, as is Tanach, Bible.

So, if you know of a guy looking for a place in Israel to study, and not Monsey in Beit Shemesh, try out this place.


Leora said...

At one high school in New Jersey that we visited, Hebrew was not a requirement. I'm glad we did not choose that school for my son. I'm guessing there are others where it's not even available.

My son's Hebrew teacher at TABC in Teaneck told us she thinks by the end of four years of Hebrew he'll be speaking pretty well. I hope so. When we were in Israel, I was very proud when he asked the waitress in Hebrew for a napkin.

Many of the more right wing schools could not care less about Hebrew knowledge.

Anonymous said...

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Batya said...

Leora, without Hebrew all of the religious studies is more difficult. I'm glad you're happy with your son's learning Hebrew.

ilanadavita, I was just tagged on Shiloh Musings this morning and can't do it again. Sorry.