Sunday, April 12, 2009

Passover Cooking and a Present

What's your most reliable, filling Passover food staple?

For us it's the classic "Ashkenaz" Matzah Brei. I just made a nice big one for my husband to take to work. It's a day's worth of food for him. It's one dish we can't live without on Pesach. OK, this isn't diet food, and I doubt if I'll eat one this year. I'm not planning on traveling, so I can make my usual low carb goodies.

Matzah Brei is easy, simple to make and includes ingredients and equipment everyone (and if you don't have, they're worth buying) has at home:

  • matzah
  • eggs
  • water (milk optional)
  • margarine or oil for frying
  • something sweet to spread on it, honey or jam (optional)

The necessary equipment:

  • a large bowl
  • a spoon
  • covered frying pan (you can cover with a plate or foil)
  • spatula (or knife and spoon used in tandem)

Yes, that's it.

  • take a few matzot and break them up in a large bowl
  • add some water, half way unless you want milk, too, then the combination should be half way up the matzah
  • add eggs, at least one per matzah
  • mix
  • let sit for awhile, so the liquids can be absorbed by the matzot
  • heat oil/margarine in the frying pan
  • spoon the mixture onto the hot, greased pan
  • lower the heat and cover
  • when you can see that the top is cooked/solid/not eggy-runny, then turn over and cover
  • wait a minute and turn off the flame and let it sit for at least five minutes
  • That's it!

My Pesach Present

My son-in-law saw this for sale and knew he had to buy one. He and my daughter decided that it was just perfect for me. It's a well-made wooden cutting board, constructed like a "table." Underneath is a "bowl." It's for cutting salad.

The ironic thing is that a number of years ago, I also saw one of those and bought it... for my mother.

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