Sunday, April 5, 2009

Naturally, Spring

There's a fine line between "Wild Flowers" and weeds. One is protected, and the other is persecuted, eradicated etc.

All of these are pretty flowers.

OK, except for the garlic.

I grew up in a world that only knew the white powdered stuff called "garlic." I was long married and a mother a couple of times over when I finally discovered why the Jerusalem buses smelled like old Italian delis a few weeks a year.
It's this time of the year, between Purim and Pesach when the garlic is harvested. People buy it still green, and then you have to hang it and wait for it to dry. When it's all white, dry and doesn't smell, then it's ready to be used for cooking.
I hung the bunch of garlic outside with an old phone wire, and I hope it dries well out there. The weathermen predict a rainy seder. Garlic's a plant, so so I trust it will survive rain if it rains.
PS I only know a name for one of the flowers in the upper photos, the Wild Iris. It's a small delicate Iris. They grew all over the neighborhood the first couple of years we were here in Shiloh, but I guess our presence destroyed most of them.

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