Monday, April 06, 2009

Down, Down, Up!

Of course it makes sense. Doesn't it?

That's how we switch from chametz to Pesach, and then back again just over a week later. Our kitchen cabinets are like bunk beds. The Pesach things, ok most of them, are stored above their chametz counterparts.

I clear the counters, wash them and cover them. Then we take the dishes out of the chametz closet, wipe the shelves of the closet and line with paper. Then the Pesach stuff goes in and the chometz stuff goes up.

Closet after closet, the same routine. It's relatively fast and easy.

Yes, that works for the upper cabinets. The lower ones are more complicated, and we only change one of those, the one with all the meat pots. That one is "twinned" with a row of cabinets over the dairy sink. Yes, this is Israel where two sinks are standard in many homes.

That's the basic idea. We do have some large things and the dish pans and drainers in the attic.

I have to complete everything tonight, because tomorrow is for cooking and more shopping. And I must get out. I haven't gotten enough exercise nor eaten normally most of the day.

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