Friday, February 19, 2010

Computer Viewing Tip

Many people tell me that they don't use the computer much because it's uncomfortable to look at the screen for long.  Most (all) of them are people with glasses, and today, many wear various bi and multi-focal ones.

I wear reading glasses, the low variety, which I can perch on my nose low enough so that I can look over them for distance while reading, crocheting etc.  Yes, like bifocals without the upper glass.

That set-up is perfect for crocheting as I watch TV or a DVD movie, but it's not comfortable when trying to watch a movie in an airplane.  The little screen is too far for my reading glasses and too small to be seen clearly without.  My low reading glasses aren't comfortable when working on my pc in the den.  Luckily I have some old reading glasses with full-size lenses.

For those who have bi and multi-focal lenses, I recommend getting a simple pair of glasses to be used at the computer with only the reading lenses, and make it clear to your optician and Optometrist, the professional calculating the strength what the purpose for your glasses is, and try to reproduce (measure in advance) the distance between your eyes and your computer screen.

Multi-focal and bifocals aren't all that great at times.

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