Saturday, February 06, 2010

If I Fell So Well, Why Does Everything Hurt?

I had planned on writing a post titled "Fell Well," to brag about how artfully I fell Thursday night.  "Nu, you fell?"  You wonder...

Well, here's the story...

My husband and I went to the dinner celebrating fifteen years of Israel's Media Watch and ten years of its giving prizes to worthy journalists.  Bli neder (no oath) I'll blog about it on Shiloh Musings.  We took the last bus home, arriving in Shiloh about 12:30am, yes after midnight.  I got off the bus and then went to cross the street, and... I found myself flat down on the road.

I had tripped over a heavy wire.

Honestly, I did fall very well.  Apparently, I let go of my pocketbook and my two hands went down first, sort of stressing my wrists.  I kept my head up, so no damage at all to my face.  Luckily I was wearing tights, so my knees were covered.  I managed to get up and start walking the almost kilometer, half a mile to my house.  After a bit, we got a ride, which was good.  Yes, Baruch Hashem, praise G-d, I felt fine.  But...

Yesterday and today the muscle strains are showing, aching, making themselves known.  My hands did the right thing breaking my fall, but the stress was like doing a hundred push-ups, and I've never ever been able to do push ups.  My upper body really is complaining.  Thank G-d, I'm only suffering from overused muscles, and I know that within a few days, I'll be fine.

I can't complain; I'm not.  I'm just reporting.

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