Monday, February 22, 2010

Oops! Almost Forgot "Voices!"

I've been up since real early, since I hope to go to the pool this morning.  I get up an hour earlier than my usual very early on "pool day."  I'm not one of those "bed to door" people who manage to leave their homes before their eyes are barely open.  I need time, lots of time from waking up to leaving my home.

Spending a lot of it by the computer is a bonus.  After the alarm wakes me and I visit the WC and turn on the computer I go to the kitchen and set up the coffeemaker for two giant mugs.  Then I pour myself some water, drink it, pour some more and then take it to the den and computer to finish that off.  I check my email, blog, drink the coffee and spend some quality time in the WC, of course.  That little room must be visited quite a few times before I can leave home.

Eventually, I shower, dress, pray the morning prayer, make and eat breakfast... and then I can leave the house if that's what's scheduled.

So, this morning, when checking my mail I saw a panicky email from Sharon asking for my Voices Purim article.  I quickly wrote it and emailed it back.  Sorry for being so late.


Hadassa said...

Do you have any tips on how to be a "morning person"? I am definitely a "bed to door" person who is tempered only by being raised to shower and eat breakfast before leaving the house. I acquired the ability to accomplish both in ten minutes total. Your way is much healthier. It's also much better to say the prayers at home and not in transit, which I have done too many times.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I'll try. Of course some of it is nature, but nurture and routine play a role, too.

Just like routine is what's recommended to get kids in the habit of going to bed on time, a morning routine will get you up earlier. But remember, if you get up earlier, remember you'll have to go to bed earlier, too.

I once read that it's important to "eliminate" yesterday's food before eating new food, and it's old and valid info that constipaption is dangerous.

So getting up early and drinking water and tea/coffee or just water and getting your system going is crucial. Yes, you have to start early enough so there won't be any "unpleasnatness." You should train your kids to prevent illnesses.

Make that early time a special time. It may be a short cartoon on a dvd while drinking and eating before going to school.

It would be best to drink then get the treat. The treat isn't food. If you're alone exercise for just 15 minutes. Your body will change.

Keli Ata said...

I was a morning rush kind of person in college--quick shower, no breakfast and rush out the door without zipping my coat in the winter.

Now I am quite the procrastinator--wake up, pray, read, shower, computer (email, facebook, blogs), a little TV...then out the door.

I still don't zip or button up my winter coat.

I guess now that I am older I don't feel the need to rush everything in my life. Same reason I don't have a cell phone--If I miss call big deal. I also don't have call waiting on my phone.