Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is This A Hardware Problem?

Ol' Crotchety, aka this computer, has been refusing to upload (is it?) pictures from cd's to my blogs.  We must find a way to get a new fully-functioning computer!

A friend of a friend sent me a link to an obituary about Avi Schaefer.  I remember him and his twin brother from my second Nefesh B'Nefesh aliyah flight.  I wanted to add more pictures to the post I wrote on Shiloh Musings about him.  I finally gave up when nothing posted.

Then I tried to send the pictures to the author of the JPost obituary, but my computer refused to send them claiming I didn't have th rights or some other nonsense.

Here's the picture I had posted just after the flight.  I'm able to use the link from my original picture post.

My most sincere sympathies to the family.  HaMakom y'nachem...


Keli Ata said...

"We must find a way to get a new fully-functioning computer!"

Is your monitor and keyboard in good working condition? If so, you could probably just buy a new CPU which would be a lot less expensive perhaps $350 or so from Dell.

Or maybe a college computer tech could build you a new computer at a fraction of that?

Also, I understand that the hard drives of computers can be replaced, making the computer work like new but you would need a tech geek to remove it and replace it.

A friend of mine bought a new hard drive from Dell for only $10. That might be one way to go. You should check with the company you bought your computer from.

Batya said...

We're not very technical. We can handle on and off, and I know how to use the dvd. When you do the Frankenstein with computers, they need constant tweeking.
Our computer maven passed away recetnly and had told us that it needs to be replaced. He had upgraded it to maximum plus.