Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Could It Be Because of Anti-Israel Feelings?

On occasion I post a Ruby Tuesday picture post.  It always brings quite a few comments.  Not this time.  I'm just wondering if people didn't like the topic.  It was a picture I took when packing "A Package From Home" for Israeli combat soldiers.

Or is it just an unattractive photo?

Just wondering...


Leora said...

You are reading into this.

When did you post? If you post your link on Mary's site as soon as it goes up, you get more visits. (usually Monday evening for you).

Also, how many people did you visit? ***The more people you visit, the more visit you.***

I didn't even know you did a Ruby Tuesday. Until just now.

Batya said...

You're probably right, though it is too serious a shot I think. I guess I ought to post earlier. I kept thinking later according to the Americas, but there were so many posted before mine, I guess I was wrong.