Monday, February 22, 2010

It Was Worth The Calculation

Today when I was in Jerusalem I did my annual candy shopping.  Yes, I only buy candies once a year, for the Purim Mishloach Manot, food gifts.  I always buy by the weight, but the first stores I found were selling the little wrapped candies I like to get at 1 for NS1. 

I was curious to see if it paid, so I examined the package to discover the weight, just 30 grams.  Then I tried to calculate what weight I would get at the per kilo price.  I had remembered something like NS18, which according my my calculations would give me just over half a kilo.  That was pretty dumb of me; the price was much higher.  Later when I found that all the stores were selling them for NS24.  So, let's calculate:
24 X 30 =

720 grams!
Yes, that means that you're paying a lot more when you buy them one by one, rather than by the weight.

The unwrapped candies are less money, but I feel safer with wrapped ones.  I didn't find any price variations, and I didn't have the time to search all over.


Keli Ata said...

You sound just like my mother:) That's the advice she always gave me about shopping.

Of course I am miserably at math and would just pick something out and buy it lol.

Batya said...

I'm not very good about these things, but I felt like double-checking. it was good mental exercise

Keli Ata said...

That man has a very colorful candy display. Are there many outdoor markets in Israel? I would love shopping outdoors like that.

OT but I still remember buying "penny candy" which was bulk candy before the word bulk purchases was popular. A little brown bag of candy of your choice mixed together all for a penny.

Batya said...

keli, almost every city has a market. You'll love it!

Anonymous said...

Small tip: don't buy candy at the shuk.

Just a few reasons: pollution, fake/no expiration date, no nutritional information, a lot of Tartrazine and harmful food colourings, many products are sold illegally or come from sketchy places.......need I say more?

Batya said...

a, that's the difference between the wrapped and the unwrapped candies. The ones I bought had all the lists and were just like the reliable stores sold. Yes, they cost more than the unwrapped, but I feel safer buying them.

Explore Germany said...

I believed buying the wrapped ones are very better..better safe than sorry!

Batya said...