Thursday, February 25, 2010

Food-Filled Fast Day

Rather ironic, keeping my mind off of eating food by cooking all day.  The Jewish Holiday of Purim is preceded by a fast.

Physically I don't have trouble fasting.  The Problem is more in my mind, like craving coffee all day, but I didn't have a headache.  I just love to eat.  I was pretty tired by the end of it.

Nu, what did I cook?
The soup is really for Mishloach Manot,  the food gifts we give on Purim.  But we broke the fast on it, and my father enjoyed it.  The chicken is for Shabbat and during the week.  And the cake and Hamentaschen are also for Mishloach Manot.  It's so easy to bake cakes. 

Now I ought to try to take a walk.

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