Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sooner Than I Had Realized

Oops!  I hadn't realized that this was the week already.  Whenever my father visits certain doctors they quiz him about the date.  Duhh, I'd fail the test, too.  We don't really need to know the actual date in our very simplified existence.  Does that make me senile, demented or just dealing with the seven days of the week and the Jewish lunar calendar?

I know that Sundays are for Havel Havelim, and I just checked and simply put, it's not yet up on Simply Jews.

Why should I be surprised that only when I rescued a submission from my "spam box" did I realize that this is the week to put together, the Havel Havelim I had promised?  Next Sunday I'm the one to post an edition.  So, please start sending in your posts for Havel Havelim ASAP-As soon as they're posted.  Please don't wait until the last minute, thanks!


Hadassa said...

I'd fail that test too, most days. I don't work outside of the house, and when I don't have an appointment to remember, only the day of the week is important - countdown to Shabbat.

Batya said...

And you're lots younger...

During the rounds of doctors before taking my father to Israel, one gave him a history quiz I couldn't have passed.

He has learned plenty here and remember people he had never met before. That means more about his memory than what they usually ask.