Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Occasional Walking Partner

No, I'm not the one holding the leash.

I sometimes walk with a neighbor who has this white dog.  When the dog is with us, the dog decides on the pace, which is rather irregular, considering that dogs don't "walk" to "walk."  When I'm totally on my own, I walk as quickly as I can and sometimes do the double circuit without stopping or slowing down.

When I'm just with a friend, we talk and try to adjust our very different paces to match.  But the dog has a very different agenda.

Yesterday I didn't get out at all.  It was raining on and off the earlier part of the day, and by the time my father was up, showered, dressed and had eaten, I was afraid to take him out.  And then my husband got home too late for walking and it was already pouring rain.  If I had the space, I'd get a treadmill or some other exercise machine.  But I wonder if I'd use it, because for me exercise has to be social or at least outdoors.  I can never get through my exercise dvd's alone.

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