Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Give Up!

I had started a different post, an illustrated one with plants and a bird I can't identify.  But somehow the pictures never progressed to the post, whatever it's called...

upload, download-- it was no load, not loaded at all

So, G-d willing, bli neder, (not swearing to it) I'll try another time.

We have two computers, both old and too weak in the brain to handle the minimal workload.

We need to buy new ones but no money available.  And I know that it's foolish to buy secondhand or not the latest, because they'll just last less time.

Recommendations welcome, suggestions, warnings etc.



RivkA with a capital A said...

sorry, no tech support here.

people keep suggesting to me that I video blog. I can't handle the technological leap!

Batya said...

My neighbor gave me free tech support and it's almost like someone giving you a haircut.

RivkA, that would be awful for people like me with old decrepit computers. And you'd have to "dress for" vblogging or whatever they call it.

Hadassa said...

Let your friends know that you're looking for a computer so that if their employers upgrade and don't have use for the "dinosaurs" you can rescue them from the trash. We obtained memory chips like that. (I can offer even less tech support. I don't even blog!)

Batya said...

Good idea, but I don't have friends in those jobs, unless someone's reading this....