Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Never Gave You The End of The Story

Sorry, I started off telling about my "G-d sent me" day, but I never gave the rest of the story.

Apparently, it was a double shiur, but I went off on my way after paying ns10, about $2.50, for the class.

My plan was to bring the picture CD to the Silverman's apartment, then get my watchband fixed, see my son (connect the dots, please in comments) and then buy a couple of things in the shuk and the discount supermarket near the bus station.

I called the Silvermans and a grandson said that someone would be in, so I went to wait for the #8,which came within a couple of minutes, good sign.

I got to their apartment and no answer, so I left the package with the doorman.

Then off to get the watchband fixed, and the guy recognized me and siad that if it didn't stay fixed, he'd send it to the manufacturer. So far, bli eyin haraa, ok.

Then I admired the furnishings at the Lion's Den, HaGov, and then I shopped and walked to the bus station. I noshed on walnuts on the way for energy and remembered that I had forgotten to bring water. And I went into the discount supermarket near the bus station to buy Turkish coffee and more walnuts.

B"H, Baruch HaShem, thank G-d a successful day.


Risa Tzohar said...

I sense there is a connection between the Shilo Medads and this new venture?

Batya said...

Ahh Risa, of course. I told 'the boss' to reserve it for our 40th wedding anniversary, so if you don't get there before hand...