Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It Sure Paid To "Window-shop" (Check the Prices) The Breakfast Deals

When I was working, I didn't think twice about the price of a simple meal out in a restaurant every week or two.  But now there's no money for it, so when I do meet a friend for a meal I have to be much more frugal.

I got to downtown Jerusalem earlier than needed the other day to meet my friend, so I "cased the joints," as the saying goes.  OK, maybe the wrong saying, but...

Israeli "breakfast deals" are pretty good.  You get a two-egg omelet to your specifications, coffee, juice, salads, some cheeses, a roll, butter, jam and sometimes even more.  Some restaurants offer the deal all day, while others limit it to "until 12:30," or some similar hour.

The prices of these feasts have been climbing of late, or is it just my shrinking budget?

With time, rather than money to spare, I checked out a few classic Jerusalem spots, concentrating specifically on two which give me discounts.  Some restaurants offer a little form to fill out with the bill, entitling you to "membership."

First I went to Rimon, where I can get a 10% (or is it just 5%) discount.  The price for breakfast was NS49.  Then I walked towards the Lion's Den, HaGov, which was our meeting spot.  Just across from it is the new modern boutique hotel, the Harmony, which has a restaurant outside and in the lobby.  They, too, were charging NS49, no discount.  Just past there, is Luigi which offers a discount, possibly 15% to members, and the pre-discount price is only NS41!  That's a big difference!  The two breakfasts ended up costing us only NS74!

Yes, I'm pretty spoiled having Jerusalem's kosher choices.  In many places, you're lucky to have one kosher restaurant and in some cities it's just in the local Jewish community center.

Our meals weren't the gevaldik enormous ones which you could easily share.  They were fine for us.  The roll was OK by Israeli standards and great by New York ones.  I'm sorry that I ate it.  It's rare that I do, since I restrict my carbohydrates and grains.  I doubt if I could have found a better deal in downtown Jerusalem.  Sorry, but I didn't photograph it.  I was too hungry.


Leora said...

"two-egg omelet to your specifications, coffee, juice, salads, some cheeses, a roll, butter, jam" - I shouldn't read your posts before breakfast. You are making me hungry.

Yes, that's one of the problems with Israel - the bread is too good! Too tempting. I only have that temptation here on Friday night, when I serve my homemade challah.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, apart from the bread bit. I have a gluten intolerance, so much as i love it, I steer clear. Although a just-baked roll is so very, very tempting. But the pain afterwards is not!

I'm visiting Jerusalem in October (yay!) so I'll be keeping an ey out for more food recommendations!


Batya said...

Leora Rachel, actually the bread was prettier than tasty by Israeli standards. I shouldn't have taken the word of my NY friend. For a NYer it was great. For me, not worth the carbs.

Rachel, maybe we'll f2f!

Keli Ata said...

You're making me hungry. And making me realize I need to do compare prices.

Keli Ata said...

Leora--mmmm @homemade challah. Is there anything better? Except homemade challah with raisins?

Love raisin challah.

Batya said...

Sometimes, most of the time actually, I just make a date for a specific restaurant and it's tacky to run around before hand and change venue.