Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dumbing Down

I had planned on a very stimulating and intellectually challenging study day at Matan for this year.  I took their Bible-Touring course last year and loved it.  The only reason I hadn't already paid before my life suddenly changed was because I was hoping to negotiate a discount.  It's not cheap.  I would have offered to barter some services if they had agreed.

Then my mother fell and I had to go to New York and bring my father to live with us.  That has been my full-time commitment for quite a few months already.  I can't commit to anything else, nor do I help with my grandchildren.

It's a different life.

I've slowed down to match it.  I miss the intellectual challenges last year's course had offered.  It's, also, hard to keep the weight off, because I don't exercise enough.  Staying home also makes me eat more.

Of course it could be much, much worse.  People are wonderful and helpful.  I shouldn't complain.

I don't know what G-d has planned for next year.


Risa Tzohar said...

Staying home shouldn't have to mean dumbing down.

More privately.


Batya said...

The online shiurim don't appeal to me. I'm too kinesthetic for them, can't concentrate. I need the whole experience, people etc.
At least I've been getting to the pool a couple of times a month. The socializing is top priority.

Anonymous said...

i hear you, batya. i know taking care of elderly parents is harder than those inexperienced can appreciate, in so many ways.
when life gets you down, remember that you are very fortunate to be able to take care of your parents. not many people your age have parents.
and this is a small way that you can repay them for all they did for you since you were born.

Batya said...

thanks, a, that's what I keep telling myself.

rickismom said...

NONE of us know what G-d has planned for next...forget next year..... for tomarrow!

Can you get out at least once or twice a week? The benefits will be well worth the problems of arranging it.....

Batya said...

rm, so true
Yes, I do get out about once a week. I see people, but I'm not studying/learning expanding and challenging that aspect. I get to the pool in Neve Yaakov about twice a month, which is great. I take a walk at night when my husband is home. On his late nights I can't.
I get to the women's shiur on Shabbat, which I love.

I shouldn't complain.

Hadassa said...

I get frustrated with on-line and CD shiurim also. My problem is different: I see the dirty dishes, hear the washing machine finishing, etc. Have you tried going to the library or at least to someone else's house so that you'll have a bit of interaction before and after the "virtual shiur"? And you're not complaining, you're seeking advice.

Batya said...

We have triggers causing attention/concentration problems. I can't even do an exercise dvd alone. It's great when a friend comes over, but they're too busy.

I can't get out for a shiur on a regular basis. There isn't anything in Shiloh which interests me this year. A couple of years ago Tafat Halprin gave a Tanach shiur.