Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another Israeli Snow-Alert Scam

It's funny that this morning when I checked the weather on Arutz 7, I was certain that there was an extreme inaccuracy, because the sun icon was shining all day.
Thu - Shevat 20, 5770, 02.04.10
When I had gone to bed last night, I kept hearing about storms and snow predictions on the news for today.  The Thursday garbage truck pick-up was even Wednesday afternoon.

Then I looked out the window:

It kept getting brighter and brighter.  I'm no prophet, but I think we've been had.

There are many workers, municipal, media etc, who get paid special overtime for snow alerts, and they're the ones who had been pressuring that there would be snow.  So, although, ordinary people like myself don't take these alerts seriously, those who profit deem themselves prophets and they insisted that it would snow.

All those who took them seriously and thought that they'd have a snow day off today and didn't set their alarms are up a creek.  And you can't ice skate on that sort of creek.


Anonymous said...

They do that kind of thing here in the UK all the time!

I'm glad the weather turned out OK in the end!


Batya said...

Thanks, unions, I guess
The rain has returned on and off, but we need rain.

Robin said...

It was dark and overcast most of the day here in the mercaz, except for a few minutes - and during those few minutes I managed to see a double rainbow! So worth it.

Batya said...

Wow! That must have been gorgeous.