Thursday, February 18, 2010

Very, VERY Dry!

Yesterday I did a rather risky experiment to save money.  I laundered my grey and white woolen bathrobe in the washing machine. (Obviously the colors of the robe colored my color decision for this post.)

For years, I'd been sending it out for dry cleaning.  It gets very dirty.  Being a "Victoria Secrets" robe, it's made/designed for tall willowy women and even after losing some weight, I can't change certain things.  Willowy, I'm still not.  And at my age, height can only go down.  So, yes, it drags on the floor.

My European washing machine has that "woolmark symbol," so I figured it was a reasonable risk.  The robe is so large, I wasn't afraid of a little shrinkage.

I just figured that it would take days and days to dry inside the house.  There's a limit to my risk-taking when it comes to laundry.  I wasn't going to hang it outside.  What a shock yesterday evening when I discovered that it was already dry, less than twelve hours after being placed on the folding dryer.

Yes, we've been having unseasonably hot weather for mid-February, hot and dry.


Hadassa said...

My husband, the beach bum, is enjoying the early summer. I'm not, except for the quick laundry drying. And what about RAIN!?

Batya said...

You're right as usual. We need the rain. We don't need snow and cold, but we do need another two months of rain.