Friday, May 26, 2017

Amazed by Camera on the Samsung J7

I may be a bit slow about these things, because although I've had my new smartphone, the Samsung J7 for half  a year, only very recently have I discovered that its camera offers some amazing "modes." My actual camera may do some of those things, but I find it almost impossible to control/program, while the phone is very easy.

I must admit that I only began playing with it after trying to show a friend how to use her new phone camera. I feel pretty stupid admitting such a thing at this stage.  Now before shooting, I check how the scenes/subjects look in the various modes and sometimes shoot a variety.

Now I understand how/why many people don't bother buying cameras anymore, and the chances are that my little red Canon IXUS 145 won't be replaced.

Do you still use both or just a phone? Why? And which brand and model?

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