Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump Didn't Paralyze Jerusalem

It was business as usual yesterday in Jerusalem. Even though lots of people kept insisting that it would be impossible to do anything at all in Jerusalem, they were wrong. Here and there a road was closed, and my husband had to wait over 15 minutes to cross the street, but  there was none of the paralysis people had been predicting.

I noticed nothing out of the ordinary in Machane Yehuda and the Center of Town. And the food was so irresistible. And I even used the  Women's WC there to see if I hadn't been "just lucky" when I used it previously for review. It was pretty clean, especially considering the traffic/use, but this time no soap. It still ranks in the middle plus as public toilets go.

We also had no problem walking to Sultan's Pool, under the Old City Walls for the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism.

I'm blogging more about the big event on my other blog. Hint! Hint!

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