Monday, May 01, 2017

One of Those Embarrassing Moments

As the ceremony for Israel's Soldiers and Terror Victims Memorial Day was about to begin, I very carefully turned off the volume of my phone, so I wouldn't hear all the rings and pings.

I'm pretty sure that I've blogged that my easiest method for Omer Counting Reminder is just to set up a simple phone alarm. It works well on weekdays at least. And to be honest, I hadn't realized how well it works. Yes, you guessed it. Even though the volume for phone-calls and notifications of emails, whatsapps etc was off, the alarm went off on schedule. Even worse is that I never recognize the sound of that alarm as coming from my phone, and it rang on and on and on until I noticed that everyone nearby was looking at me.

Then I finally turned it off and quickly opened the email, found a "sefira count letter," said the blessing and counted.

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