Monday, May 08, 2017

For The First Time...

I've been living in Shiloh for a long time, since September 1, 1981, and in all those years I played no part, even super indirectly, in the Yom Ha'atzma'ut ceremonies. Until very recently, the focus was almost always on parents of relatives who had done amazing things during the War for Independence and early days of the State of Israel. That pretty much left me out, even though one of my uncles was one of the American volunteers in the Palyam who helped on the ships carrying illegal immigrants. But since he went back to New York afterwards, and I had no pictures and stories to contribute, I didn't promote him for honors. 

In recent years, there are more prepared films and less of the live talks from people. This year, we didn't even have torch-lighting. Interviews with honorees were filmed in advance and interspersed in the live play, which starred two adorable precocious boys, davka, both third generation in Shiloh, as their parents all grew up as neighbors. 

A couple of weeks ago, while I was at my Senior Citizens Arts & Crafts, the "Social Director" showed up with a cameraman and filmed us for the movie showing everyday life in Shiloh. When I mentioned something afterwards to the director of our program, she replied that they come every year. And so, if you look at the movie below, you'll see us along with the photogenic preschoolers and energetic school kids. 

I managed to get screenshots of me off of the film. Of course, since I hadn't been warned I don't even have lipstick on. 

Yes, I've finally made it, OK as an extra.

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