Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fancy Food at King David Hotel Last Night,

Last night we were at the Ingeborg Rennert Center's Guardian of Zion Award, which was given to former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton. This post is just about the food and ambiance. I'll post about the event and Bolton's speech on Shiloh Musings. For those who wonder why I need to keep up two blogs, this is an example. I'll keep the food porn  here, and the politics there.

Reception on the King David Hotel Terrace
Waiters also served all sorts of "small things," like, a bite-size serving of fish in a sauce, amazing fresh juice with lots of  ginger, mini-quiches and more. And there were "sticks" of fresh salad for the pickings.

First Course was waiting on the tables. Like Piccolino, they cure the salmon to make their own lox. Last week we had some in Piccolino, and it was better!

Main Course, delicious, best steak ever.

Dessert, of course
There was plenty to drink, water, juice, soda, two wines, but no beer.

We rushed out when it was over and miraculously made the bus home. 

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