Monday, May 15, 2017

Lag B'Omer, Batten Down The Hatches

Call us a bunch of killjoys, but we weren't part of the Lag B'Omer medurot, campfire scene last night here in Shiloh. And there was even a conveniently located one near the house special for old fogies like ourselves.

As early as right after Shabbat, I had closed all of the windows, including the bathroom ones which usually are kept at least slightly open except on the very coldest of days. I didn't want any of those polluted and even not polluted fumes and smells to make it into my house. One of the last things I caught on the radio news was a report of increased air pollution and a plea to those throwing everything they could find into the flames to be sure to keep out plastic.

I trained my kids from the youngest age that the minute they get home from the campfires, it's straight to the bathroom, strip off all clothes and then shower, including shampoo, lots of soap and rinse well. Then the next day, after the smoke cleared I'd launder everything and hang it to dry.

One advantage of the fact that our neighborhood is getting more and more built up, and our house is surrounded by others, is that the campfires are further away, Baruch Hashem.

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