Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem #18, Shuq Loo for You Ladies

This is a continuation in my ongoing series about public toilets in Jerusalem. See #17#16,  #15,  #14#13#12#11#10#9,  #8#7,  #6,  #5, Saved by The First Station aka #4a#4#3#2 and #1

A few months ago, when this series began taking off, I got a couple of requests to find and review the Ladies Loo/WC/00 aka public toilets in Machane Yehuda, the open air market in downtown Jerusalem, also known as "the shuk, or shuq" however you want to spell it. For whatever reasons, the "facilities" have been moved around the area, which is a few square blocks of warren-like lanes and roads serviced by a nice selection of bus routes and the Jerusalem Lightrail.

I promised to find the loo, and this week I succeeded. At present it's just off Machane Yehuda Street, on one of the side streets/lanes that leads to the "main drag" of the shuq.

To find it, you must "look up," since there are signs.

Now, I must admit that although it is one of the most trafficked places in Jerusalem, even on a very busy Tuesday evening, when prices were being slashed by the sellers of fruits, vegetables etc so they could soon close their stalls for the night, and the bar/restaurant scene was getting into full swing, the public toilets were relatively clean. The floor was wet, but it didn't smell. I guess it had been recently swabbed but not dried.
And as you can see here, there's plenty of pink soap, plus a cup for ritual washing according to Jewish Law. There are also a few stalls, including a designated handicapped one large enough for a wheelchair or giant shopping-cart. So, comparing this WC with others, especially the relatively nearby Binyan Clal, I must say that this loo gets a passing grade plus.  The Jerusalem Municipality is doing a much better job here than in its own complex at Safra Square, which is one of the very worst I've been to recently, which in my recent experiences gets cleaned and resupplied only once a day.

Ladies, have no fear when shuk-shopping. There is a place to go...

PS I must find a willing male to review the "men's room," wherever it is.


Unknown said...

since i live near the shuk, i generally don't need to use the bathrooms there. glad to hear it's kept relatively clean. did u know that there are new bathrooms in the shuk? both men's and women's bathrooms are now located on rechov hatapuach, just around the corner from the big halva place in the main part of the closed shuk. haven't used this bathroom but from what i hear, they're nice.

Batya said...

Thanks, I'll check them out, Gd willing.

Chana Siegel said...

They had soap? This is new.

Batya said...

Do you mean that I was lucky?