Saturday, May 27, 2017

Celebrating My Birthday at Piccolino

It's no secret that Piccolino is my favorite dairy restaurant in Jerusalem.  I've blogged about eating there more than once. So it was a no-brainer for me to suggest dinner there when my husband mentioned that we'd be going to the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism last Monday. It's just a short walk from Piccolino to Sultan's Pool. And considering that it was my birthday, I figured that even while trying to lose weight, a Piccolino dessert was a celebratory necessity.

We started our meal with this lovely first course of lox on toast with tomatoes. It was perfect. The lox was light, neither salty nor oily. It's definitely the best lox I've ever had.

I decided to stick with fish and ordered Piccolino's excellent Seared Tuna Salad as my main course. I requested "no extra salt," and it too was perfect. And there was so much food, I had them pack the leftovers, which I cooked up the next day with cabbage. So I got an extra meal out of it.

My husband had their Soup of the Day which was a white root soup, which was very creamy and had fresh garlic, too. For his main course he had one of the pasta dishes. He enjoyed them both.

The quality of the food in Piccolino is extraordinary, and the prices are comparable to the chains and even less than some of the other popular dairy restaurants. My only problem in Piccolino is that I end up eating too much, especially foods that can add weight. Nu, you must be wondering about the "birthday treat."

They came in with a lit sparkler in a generous slice of Tiramisu and singing Happy Birthday! It was perfect, and we shared it.

I definitely recommend Piccolino, whether for an everyday meal or something much more special. They have rooms for events, too.

Piccolino's at 12 Yoel Moshe Solomon Street, in Music Square, Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem. Reservations are recommended Call 02-6244186.

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