Sunday, May 07, 2017

What Books Have You Been Reading Lately?

One of my daughters got me started on some amazing police detective series, Harry Bosch/Mickey Haller by Michael Connelly and NYPD Red by James Patterson. I'm in total awe of the authors who can spin amazing tales with so many characters and details and even unexpected plot twists. I'm always trying to second guess them and predict what will be discovered, but it's very hard with these two mystery writers.

The main characters are also amazingly compelling, likable and very intelligent. In addition, the side plots are fascinating, too. Both authors build total worlds, especially Connelly,  who keeps adding new series based on characters first introduced in the Harry Bosch books. And the characters continue to interact. Yes, it's very much like real life.

I could never write fiction, especially with such complicated plot lines. I only once tried writing something fictional but got stuck very early on.

These books must be returned to my daughter- so she can pass them onto other series addicts fans- unlike most books I read which are "disposable." That means that I can just pass them to others. I'm not in the "book collection" business. Our house has a gazillion too many books.

And as you may have noticed from the photos of the books, I read real paper books, not kindle screens.

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