Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Photography Fun!

As you may know by now, I'm in three very different internet photography groups, 52Frames, Instagram and 365 . They are all very different. I'm sure there are other groups or whatever you want to call them.

52Frames is a weekly challenge from which I'm learning photographic principles that I never would know without it unless I was taking a photography course. It began, if I'm not mistaken, on Facebook, and even though there is a site, the feeling of "group" is via on FB. Here are a couple of my most recent photos for them. I'd appreciate your input, either as a comment here or on Facebook by clicking the title.


365Project is daily, and themes or challenges are optional. I post almost everyday. You can see my photos and become a "friend" by clicking here.  Here are a couple of recent ones:

Lastly is Instagram which has the least amount of structure and restrictions. You can post multiple times during the day or very infrequently, using your membership to see other photos. I post from my phone, not the computer, but pictures show up on Facebook. You can find me as shilohbatya.


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