Saturday, November 04, 2006

Drinking the local wine

cropped wine 2 2011, originally uploaded by shilohmuse.

Tonight we visited neighbors, the legendary Era and Orit, who were celebrating the wine from their grapes.

Era told us that he had been dreaming of a vinyard here from the first time he saw Shiloh.

Now tons of grapes are harvested from the Shiloh Vinyards, and he offered us all a taste of the wine. A neighbor, raised in France of course, considered the local maven, gave his approval after tasting a few different kinds, each in a clean glass of course. He's our professional taster!

There was also lots of other food served, a great Saturday night party. Words of wisdom for the soul and food for the body.

ps Trekker, our ds#1 planted those first vines one summer!


Bagel Blogger said...

Kudos to Era, wine from Shiloh.
Well done


Bagel Blogger said...

and to Trekker! (too!)

muse said...

thanks, bb
actually my baby worked there a year or two later