Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nobody will know it's a left-over

Many of us can blame left-over phobia for some of our extra weight! Honestly, sometimes it's better to dump it all in the garbage or feed the local dogs and cats rather than eat it yourself or get your spouse or kids to do it.

The latest Carnival of Recipes starts with a recipe for left-overs. It's totally and utterly not kosher, but it doesn't mean that you can't make kosher left-over recipes. And if you eat food just because you don't want to throw it away, that's bad. How about some of your favorite ways of using left-overs for the next Kosher Cooking Carnival!

That's besides the usual traditions, menus, restaurants, cookbooks, halachik discussions etc.

My "secret ingredient" to make "nobody will know it's a left-over" is "batzek alim," a "puff pastry" dough sold in every Israeli supermarket and large grocery shop in the frozen food section. It's "salty," so don't use it for sweet things. It's the traditional dough for bourekas. It can also be used like a "pie crust" or rolled in all sorts of ways. Left-overs make great fillings! I don't even bother with a rolling pin; I just stretch out pieces to the size and shape I need. It takes me less time to do and less clean up. They won't stick if you bake them on "baking paper."

And about KCC, please send me your posts about Kosher food, remember, anything kosher!

If you're interested in hosting a future edition, please let me know. The Kosher Cooking Carnival comes out monthly and is more than just a collection of recipes. It includes everything about kosher food, traditions, pictures, halachik issues, cookbook and restaurant reviews (kosher obviously,) advice and... recipes of course. Whenever you post something on topic or see a post that fits the menu, please send it to me. Either send to shilohmuse at gmail dot com or to blog carnival, and at the same time you may discover other carnivals to visit and enter...…


mother in israel said...

I've been working on creative leftovers a lot lately. Quiche is a great idea, and you can also make a crustless quiche or use cooked rice or mashed potatoes or bread crumbs. Unfortunately batzek alim is full of margarine so it's not too great for your health or your weight.

Batya said...

true, true
so post a recipe and send it in, please

mother in israel said...

Hope you're feeling better now. I'll work on it!

Batya said...