Thursday, November 16, 2006

Which is the true indicator?

I make my decisions about whether or not to do laundry according to the color of the sky. That's because I hang my wash out whenever possible. A couple of minutes ago, I went out to my merpeset, terrace, and took these three pictures. Yes, they were all taken within seconds of each other. The clouds were from the southeast, and the clearer sky was a western shot. Generally if there are dark clouds coming in from the west, it means rain. Though this year, it hasn't been 100% accurate.

Strangely, the dark picture was taken at the same time, due east. I guess the "automatic" setting on my Canon 620 made it look dark, since the sky was light and blue.

Well, I've decided to risk it, and I put a load of wash in the machine. It'll take at least an hour and a half to finish. These European models are slow, even the cold washes.

Right now I'm waiting for photobucket to load the pictures. Bagel blogger said that it takes a long time, since I really ought to lower the pixels when saving. It sounds rather complicated to me. As you see they're up, but for the first time when using the service, they didn't post immediately to the blog. I had to do it a couple of times.

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