Monday, November 20, 2006

Responsibility--2 very different tales

Today's New York Times has an interesting piece about public servants and public transportation. Considering what we've been going through in my neck of the woods recently, I got a kick out of reading that the complaints my neighbors and I have been complaining about are echoed in the "big apple."

Officials would decide things very differently if they lived like ordinary people.

It's really a matter of taking full responsibility for one's decisions and actions. They don't have to live with their decisions, since they aren't dependent on the same public services.

And that all reminds me that yesterday one of the students got very angry with me. I refused to let him SMS, use the text messaging on his cell phone. Since I couldn't physically grab it out of his hands, I called the principal, and he ran out of the class before the principal arrived. Later on, he told me that I had ruined things for him. He took no responsibility for the fact that he was going against policy.

I have such little time to teach my students. If their minds are on the phone messages, and they're busy with all that during the lesson, they're not going to learn what they need. I hope that this kid eventually learns that it's his actions that mess things up for him. He has to take responsibly for himself.


Pragmatician said...

What a liberal school, it seems kids do whatever they want there.
There should, in my opinion, be a rule giving teachers the right to take the kid's gizmos away till the end of classes.

Batya said...

Actually they aren't allowed to do it, but since I teach teenage boys I sometimes need the help of a man. As soon as the kid head me "dial" the principal he fled.