Monday, November 27, 2006

Great job, smooth and a sign in the neighborhood

Smooth Stone has done a great job on the latest Havel Havelim! Take a gander!

About that sign, which I think Smooth would like, it's up at the building site across from my house. It's the building company which promises "reliability, quality and Jewish labor." There's a major security problem when Arabs build, since for months, years at a time the Arabs are in the Jewish communities becoming more and more familiar...

It's a security problem besides the ideology that Jews should be building the Land. Quite a few building and renovations companies hire Jews, even for the most "menial" tasks. When one sees it all as a mitzah, a commandment from G-d, to build our land, then nothing is really menial.

Back to rushing around!

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Smooth said...

Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it. :)