Thursday, November 09, 2006

The trick to feeling young... listening to the music of my youth.
The Beatles--listen and watch!

That's how they looked then,

and now only two are left, Paul and Ringo.

I guess that for some bloggers, this is pre-history, that your parents are even younger than I am. But when I hear their music, I'm in my teens again!

No, I'm not 64 yet, but "will you..."


Anonymous said...

Great blog!

I enjoyed the posts about life in shiloh.

may hasehm guard you and us and all of amm yisroel

muse said...

Thank you!
and Shabbat Shalom

scribbit said...

Yes, they were my soundtrack as well. Where do you think my parents came up with Michelle? It's strange to see my son get into them in his own 10 year-old way.

muse said...

just great music
better than the new stuff on the radio