Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Milestone, misc. and carnivals

The milestone is this picture, Hallelie's first real image. Until this morning she had been scribbling and "writing," but she didn't draw any "figures." I told my daughter, that in my professional (mother of 5 and now grandmother of 2) opinion, at Hallelie's advanced age of three and a half, she should be drawing pictures of people. "...but don't worry" I said, some kids need to be "guided" into it. I remember doing that with a couple of my own kids.

So this morning as they were having breakfast in my house (due to their bathroom being renovated), my daughter joined Hallelie at the little plastic table and showed her how to draw a person. Hallelie followed the instructions perfectly and then very quickly made a second picture. Her first she gave short hair, unlike the example which was supposed to be one of her aunts, and she told her mother that it was "abba," daddy in Hebrew.

Sometimes even the brightest of kids need just a little help.

Last night, I could neither blog nor comment, due to trouble with blogger. That's after losing internet time because of problems with our "phone service."

And now for a few carnivals!

Let's start with the Thanksgiving Carnival of Family Life, full of a large variety of posts.

Next we have the 94th Havel Havelim! It's amazing how many Jewish and Israeli blogs there are.

And lastly is a "round up," not a carnival, but it's really special. It's westbankmama's Only in Israel - The Roundup.

As you can see, there's plenty to read, so enjoy!

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