Sunday, November 19, 2006

Internetless, Again!

Please don't tell me that it's not a word,"internetless" that is, because unfortunately it's a situation we've have to deal with. Simple linguistics gives its meaning as "without internet."

1- those who are not hooked up to "the web"

2- those who, even though hooked up and paying, are not being connected to the internet by their servers

Yes, we've been internetless. Last week we didn't have service for almost a full day.

And then last night, after Shabbat, I went to the den, like I do every week, turned on the computer and the internet, and... yes, you guessed it! Nothing, or more accurately, error readings. Something about the "remote host," and other spooky and familiar messages.

Deja vu. So I did the usual and called netvision, to make sure they knew and try to get some info. Of course, the very polite young man who answered tried to make me go through the whole routine of checking my computer, as if I was at fault. Why do they think I'm stupid, my accent? I'm the maven in this house.

After proving to him that the problem was with Bezek, I told him that I refuse to call them, since last time the call was a waste of a couple of hours and ruined the icon I used to use to "dial up." So he finally agreed to check. A few minutes later he got back to me and said, that yes, the problem was with Bezek and I should just keep trying every half hour.

Then the phone started ringing as all sorts of neighbors called to find out if I had internet, since they didn't. I sent them to call netvision, too, since they also used them. I figured that the more calls, the more action to solve the problem.

So, I was pretty wary about trying the computer this morning, since last time, it wasn't fixed so early and so quickly.

We pay good money for our adsl, whatever it's called, and being internetless means that we ought to hit them where it hurts.

Shavua tov

Have a wonderful week

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