Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strangest thing and good timing

Today started a sort of ordinary Tuesday. I did lots of laundry, dishes etc. Though as I woke up, an hour earlier than necessary, I went into a panic looking for my camera. I suddenly pictured it disappearing during the security check at the bus station as I ran in Sunday night rushing to catch the bus, which I missed by a minute. Then I ran out of the station and took a bus to the "trempiada." I ended up getting home the same time as the bus.

Maybe it somehow ended up with the guard. I didn't use it on Monday and didn't take it to babysit. I was pre-hysterical and checked all over. Finally I found it on the bottom of the bag I take to my exercise class.

Rotten way to start the day.

At twelve I began getting ready to go to work, repacking my bags for 6 lessons, a full "day." Then I felt myself shiver and shiver some more. The sun was shining, so the house wasn't cold. Suddenly I realized that I may be getting sick.
I knew that there was no way I could get through my longest workday in such a condition. The principal wasn't happy when I took off last Thursday for the Bar Mitzvah, but I know that it wasn't very smart of show up weak, shivering and sick.

At least this time, once he heard that I was "shivering" he told me to stay home. Then I called the teacher who gives me a ride, to cancel. And I called the clinic to tell them that I'll need a "sick note."

Then I put my favorite movie, Seabiscuit, in the dvd, took out a book and covered myself with a blanket on the couch. I sipped some tea, read and listened more than watched, since I've seen it so many times. I love the background info as much as the actual movie.

I finally pulled myself off the couch, since I had to call the ride I had arranged to the pool for tomorrow. I just hope I'll be well enough for my afternoon plans.

It's time to return to the couch.

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