Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Food and family, what could be better?

Take a gander at Carnival of the Recipes and The Carnival of Family Life. Enjoy, and don't forget to tell them that I sent you!

While we're talking carnival, please don't forget to send your posts in for the Kosher Cooking Carnival! You can also routinely send me all of your food links, whenever you post something that could be in the Kosher Cooking Carnival. And if you see something that fits the bill on another blog, please send me that link, too. Either send to shilohmuse at gmail dot com or to blog carnival, and at the same time you may discover other carnivals to visit and enter...

Happy blogging and happy linking!


marallyn ben moshe said...

shalom muse...i just discovered your blog...love it...have great recipes i will be happy to share...stay safe

muse said...

thanks marallyn, how are you?