Sunday, November 19, 2006

"breakfast of champions"

This may not be the American classic, from the 1950's, but it's my favorite now. I use the diet bran flakes, some puffed wheat, a shredded apple (food processor or just cut with a knife) and 3% bio yogurt. In Israel there's no problem finding a good plain 3% yogurt. I think it's much healthier than the 1/2% or 0%, which I found in the states to the exclusion of "fattier."

There's nothing wrong with eating 3% natural dairy fat, unprocessed. What I do avoid is yellow cheese and the egg and cholesterol substitutes and margarine. The processes fats (and modern yellow cheese) is filled with them.

Our bodies produce cholesterol, so if we don't eat enough, the body will just over-produce, and that's the worst type. The milk protein is also an allergen to many, especially when it comes without the natural milk fat.

Now I'm off to meet friends for a walk.

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