Sunday, January 08, 2017

365Project, A Diary-Like Daily Photo Group

I've been having fun with a daily challenge photo group, 365Project. I manage to send a photo in almost everyday, very much like a photo diary. When I'm on the go I use my smartphone, the Samsung J7 I got a few weeks ago.

Members are from all over the world, and the photographs are pretty mixed. If you're a member, then look for me. And if you're not, maybe you'd like to join up.

Here are a few of my recent ones:

Keeping Up With Our Son's Football Game

Our son is the Head Coach of the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions IFL tackle football team. And since we're not at the game, too far, my husband and I are keeping up with it by twitter and whatsapp. Let's hope for a safe victorious game and also safe traveling for the team and fans

Could There Ever be Too Many Vegetables? #6

Cooking for our Jewish Sabbath, and we do eat a lot of vegetables. This is now baking in the oven.

Last Pomegranate

Over a month ago, when pomegranates were plentiful and finishing their season, I bought a box of them. They stayed fresh in my cold refrigerator. This morning I took the very last one out, and I'm slowly savoring it. It is so delicious.

Morning Coffee

I'm enjoying my new gigantic 1.5 liter French Press. As you can see, I drink my coffee with sugar and milk. That French Press was my Chanukah present to me!

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