Sunday, January 15, 2017

Not Just Coffee, I Drink Tea, Too

A couple of months ago, I ran into an old friend who gave me a gift. It was very small, but impressive-looking box of tea, Cérémonie Tea. I popped it in my bag, eventually remembering to take it out and put it in my "tea cabinet," where I have a large selection of teas.

It took me until pretty recently to try it one evening, when a caffeine free tea was just what I needed.

I took for granted that it was just a small quantity of loose tea leaves, so I got all sorts of tea steeping and straining equipment ready. But to my great joy I discovered that there was a very elegant teabag in the box. It wasn't the usual pedestrian paper, either. It felt like a fancy party dress or "petticoat" of my childhood memories.

I realized that my giant glass mug was a bit too large for the quantity of tea that pretty tea bag could produce, so I didn't fill the water to the top or even near.

No doubt you want to know how it tasted. It was lovely. I didn't add any sweetener for two reasons. First of all, I don't need the extra calories, and secondly, I wanted to get a genuine taste of the tea. It was good, dainty, which maybe because I diluted it with too much water. But I did like it. There was no artificial taste which you sometimes get from the "fruity" non-caffeine teas. So, if you see the tea, try it or contact them by phone +972-9-951-5818 or email

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