Sunday, January 01, 2017

Bought Myself a Present!

When we were vacationing in Jerusalem last week, I popped into FOX Home to check out if there was anything worth buying considering the 40% discount and my 89 points, which equal NS89 on a purchase in any of their stores or a number of other chains connected to them.

I noticed that they still had the gigantic 1.5 liter French Press, hidden away on a high shelf. So, I went back and got myself a present. With the points and discount, it was "almost" free.

One of the reasons I needed a new French Press was not just the size, just "6" cups of the old one. The old one has an awful filter/press/plunger which lets in lots of coffee grinds. The coffee never had that lovely smooth and clean taste and feel that a good French Press creates. Now that I'm drinking my first giant mug fulls of coffee from the new French Press, I can really appreciate the difference. And yes, it's much better than the machine-made coffee we had in the hotel and what my percolator brews.

What took me so long?!?

And now, if I have a guest or guests for coffee, I can serve quite a few normal sized mugs to all.

The plunger from my broken 8 cup
my mini French Press
made of safe plastic
So, now I've learned how to choose a French Press. Take a very good look at the filter/press/plunger, because not all French Presses are created equally.

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