Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Instagram, Too, Along With 365Project and 52Frames

Yes, you can follow me on Instagram now, I'm shilohbatya. I haven't posted too much yet, nor have I figured out all the stuff. But just give me a bit more time, please. I just need a bit more time to figure it all out. A few months ago I went to a workshop about it and promised myself that when I get a new smartphone, I'd join. And I kept that promise. Of course I can't expect to figure it out in a jiffy.

And I've been doing the 365project as a photographic diary, as best as I can.

This week's challenge for 52Frames was Leading Lines. I ended up using a photo I had taken at the cemetery in Tel Chai, northern Israel. It's a bit subtle for that technique, but I wanted something a different.

"Leading to..."
...the end...
I had taken lots more photos with leading lines, but I chose this one.

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