Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nu, And How's The Diet Going?

I was wondering if you'd ever ask me.

Believe me. I am trying. I'm walking more than I had been. And I'm trying really hard to eat more carefully, less "extra," more "no calorie" stuff, like cabbage and cauliflower.

One thing I've been doing which many diet experts consider a "no, no," is that I weigh myself almost every day. I find it helps even though it can be very frustrating and confusing, since my weight can go up and down from day to day. But I try to compare my weight by the week.

Today I weigh less than I did a week ago, but last Friday I weighed even less. I'm curious as to how much I'll weigh this Friday in comparison.

I don't always have control over my meals, the food and the times. When I managed to lose a lot of weight a number of years ago, it was after I had stopped teaching. Now that I'm back teaching, my weight has gone up. Maybe teaching is the cause...

But the bottom line is that I have to find an eating routine that works for me and gets the weight off and keeps it off. But in the meantime, you're my "diet buddy," so thanks for asking.

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