Friday, January 13, 2017

Another Win for the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions

Last night was a "simple" victory for the Lions which didn't need a movie-like miracle finish. We were simply the better team all around.

Besides having the very best young Israeli-born coach in the business, our defense barely let them move forward, and our offense has been improving, B"H, bli eyin haraa. 52:9 against the Ramat Hasharon Hammers is as one-sided a score as you can get besides a shutout.

Very slowly more and more fans have been starting to come to the Mishor Adumim field, where games are played now instead of Kraft Stadium. It will never have the homey festival feel we remember so fondly from the days when all of the Jerusalem area games were in Kraft, but mid-way through the second season here, we are starting to adjust. Instead of sizzling meat, soda and beer on sale by the sidelines, hungry fans have to hike to the nearby Super Sol for nosherei and drinks or bring their own. The worst thing about the Mishor Adumim field is that there is no easy way to come and go by public transportation, and it's even too far to walk from Maale Adumim.

Tom Brady (right) with Robert Kraft (center) and
IFL/AFI founder Steve Liebowitz (left) in
Jerusalem (Photo: David Tuttle)  ynetnews
There have been official announcements that Robert Kraft will be funding a new sports stadium/complex someplace near the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem. The sports complex is set to be open for games next summer.

We're looking forward to that, and I personally hope there will be decent public transportation. Recently, I've been getting to the Mishor field with a Lions player who comes from Ariel and picks me up at the Shiloh gate. And then my son drops me off at the "cityline" where I catch tremps, rides home.

Let it be a healthy injury free season for all, and those injured should have a refuah shleimah, speedy and complete recovery for those in need.

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