Sunday, January 22, 2017

Surprising Coffee Info & #morningcoffeehaiku

Before I give you some of my recent  #morningcoffeehaikus, I must tell you some very surprising information I discovered about coffee. Here it is in haiku form:
Dakva instant best
Machine coffee was awful
Not all hotels same

When we were in the King Solomon Hotel, Jerusalem, during Chanukah, they had two different machines, which were differently programed so they'd offer more choices. And just one of them I liked. I tried a few of the choices in the Kinar Hotel machine and didn't like them, so in desperation I opened one of the packets of instant coffee, Elite's Brazilian, and that had the flavor to my particular taste preference. I actually have a jar in my closet for Shabbat, which I bought on sale a few months ago at Rami Levy. Some instant coffees are pretty good. Do you have a favorite?

Here are a few of my recent #morningcoffeehaikus. You're invited to join the "conversation" on facebook.

Lots planned next few days
will still start days with coffee
Gd willing enjoy...

Coffee at a friend
Exactly what is needed
While watching the news

nice comfort coffee
opened last batch of the old
and got a new one

Warmed up by hot mug
patience needed when perking
but makes great coffee

Friendly coffee hot
Just perfect and hits the spot
Yes, love it a lot

Yes it's so early
but it's never too early
to drink good coffee

no coffee today
fasting on 10th of Tevet
Jerusalem siege

Good morning, enjoy, drink coffee and haiku in good health!

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