Thursday, January 05, 2017

#morningcoffeehaiku 1st of 2017

Since I drink coffee every morning and haiku on facebook six days a week, it's time for another #morningcoffeehaiku post.

Join me for a cup, or a nice big mug, of coffee and haiku.

very cold today
old boots in lieu of slippers
coffee strong and hot

More than just coffee
Hotel breakfasts are sublime
At least in Israel.

My morning coffee
Very strong sweet and tasty
Hope it wakes me up

coffee and sugar
perfectly perked and with milk
need caffeine today

Up very early
Moon's still high in the black sky
Coffee's just perfect

Hot coffee "to go"
Matan, teaching and beer, too
very long day planned

Hot French Press Coffee
in bright cheery floral cup
as the sun comes up

Bought myself a gift
a real supersize French Press
Too big to fill it

Did you notice anything new?

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